Gases for Kitchen Fluorescent Light

Kitchen fluorescent light – The largest gases in a fluorescent lamp is noble gases such as argon, neon or krypton. Noble gases are inert, or slightly reactive, and prevent chemical reactions from breaking down the inside of fluorescent tubes.

The gases inside a kitchen fluorescent light are at a very low pressure of about 0.3 atmospheres. The power flow through these gases between two electrical terminals is called anode and cathode, power supply bulb. The noble gases are unusual electrical conductors. They initially resist the flow of electricity, but their resistance rapidly drops, as more power outages. With some interruptions, the resistance in these gases would drop too low, causing too much current to flow between them and burning out the lamp. Because of this, ballast alternates direction of the current in a lamp continuously to keep the speed down.

Gas discharge light colors

The other gases in a kitchen fluorescent light can emit light as well. Although this is not important in a fluorescent lamp, it is in other types of gas-emission light like neon lights. When the gas neon is used alone without a fluorescent coating, it emits a red shine. Krypton and xenon can also be used in “neon” lights, creating blue or purple glow. By changing the composition of gases into a light, a designer can tailor it to produce a certain color.

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