The life and work of Hans Fallada

Born on July 21, 1893, Hans Fallada was one of the famous writers in the first half of the 20th century. Most of his novels were written in German and only 11 of them were translated in English, one of them was “Every Man Dies Alone.” The said novel was first published in 1947. But it was only in 2009 that it was translated in the English language by Michael Hoffman.

Shortly after Fallada completed it, he died in Berlin due to heart failure on the 5th of February 1947.

Life of Hans Hallada

Hans Fallada’s birth name was Rudolf Wilhelm Adolf Ditzen. His pseudonym was derived from the characters in the Grimm fairy tales: Lucky Hans (the protagonist) and Falada (a horse) in the Goose Girl.

Parents and siblings

He was the third of four children. His father, Wilhelm Ditzen, was an educated judge, while his mother came from a middle-class family. His parents were fond of music and literature. He and his siblings would often listen to their father when he read them aloud children works, including those written by Shakespeare and Schiller.

His family moved from Greifswald to Berlin in 1899 when his father became a Supreme Court judge. When he first entered school in 1901, he had a difficulty coping so he read books but avoided those works that were in line with his age.

When his father was appointed as a judge at the Constitutional Court, his family moved again from Berlin to Leipzig.

Accident and ailment

In 1909, Hans Fallada met a severe accident. A year after that, he suffered from typhoid fever. He also suffered from life-long drug problems.

Work of Hans Fallada

He started writing his first novel entitled “Der junge Goedeschal” (Young Goedeschal) in 1920. While writing it, he struggled with morphine addiction. He also lost his younger brother during this period.

In 1923, his second novel entitled “Anton und Gerda” was completed. During this time, he was accused and imprisoned for three months because of embezzling money.

His novel “Kleiner Mann, was nun?” (Little Man, What Now?) was released in 1932. It was a worldwide success.

From 1934 to 1943, he wrote 6 more novels, namely:

“Wer einmal aus dem Blechnapf frißt” (Who eats one of the tin cup)

“Wir hatten mal ein Kind” (We once had a child)

“Das Märchen vom Stadtschreiber, der aufs Land flog” (The Tale of the town clerk, who flew into the country)

Wolf unter Wölfen” (Wolf Among Wolves)

“Der eiserne Gustav” (The Iron Gustav)

“Der ungeliebte Mann” (The unpopular man)

“Ein Mann will hinauf” (A man will go up)

In 1946, he wrote the novels “Der Alpdruck” (The nightmare) and “Jeder stirbt fur sich allein” (Alone in Berlin). During this period, he was admitted to the psychiatric clinic because of drug and alcohol abuse.


A year after he wrote Alone in Berlin, he died of heart failure in Berlin-Niederschonhausen.

The influence of Hans Fallada on modern day writers

Hans Fallada was born on 21st July 1893 and he died in 1947. He was the German writer, and is famously known for his significant work. His famous novels include the Little Man, What Now, and Every Man Dies Alone. The work of the Hans Fallada predominantly belongs to the literary style and new objectivity. His work also has the journalistic veneration of the facts along with the precise details.

The great success of the Hans Fallada work started in 1932 eased the financial straits experienced by Hans Fallada. His novel “Little Man, What Now?” was highly acclaimed. This novel has become a world classic novel after its first publication, in 1933. This novel draws the poignant, vivid picture of life in Germany. This novel also provides the life of Germans before Hitler took over. It focuses on the struggle of the young married couples at the time of inflation in the country. In 1934, a Hollywood movie was done on this novel even. This has also helped earn a closer attention to Hans Fallada.

In 1934, another novel named “Once We Had a Child” was published that initially gained the positive reviews all around the world. In 1938 his novel “Wolf among Wolves” became popular. This novel covers the sprawling saga and the collapse of the culture. This also covers the common man’s struggle to survive in the government and the economy. This novel addresses the catastrophic loss that German’s faced in World War I. The story of the “Wolf among Wolves” follows a young gambler that loses all in Berlin. Somehow the young gambler also finds romance. This novel is a moving thriller with the fascinating best historical fiction. The work of the Hans Fallada in this novel is packed with the emotional powerful punch. This novel is equally acclaimed as one of his most significant novels, and is considered as an important work of literature.

“Every Man Dies Alone” written by the Hans Fallada is considered as his most significant work. This masterpiece is recently translated, and is based on a true story. This novel presents the rich detail of the life in Berlin. The story revolves around a working couple that takes stand with the murder of their only son in front of them. Their grief made them launch a clandestine resistance campaign. This novel is more than a moving romantic story.

Hans Fallada – the early years

Rudolf Wilhelm Friedrich Ditzen was born in Germany on the 21st of July 1893. His father was a well-noted man soon to be made a Supreme Court Judge whilst his mother was a well-endowed woman of respectable background. During the early years of his life, Rudolf Ditzen was surrounded by music, politics and literature, as both his parents were fond of politics and the arts. In fact, it was known that at a very early age Rudolf was already enamored with books. A few of his early conquests in literature were books by Flaubet, Dickens and Grimm. And it was from the latter author that Rudolf Ditzen was able to come up with his pen name, Hans Fallada.

Despite the fact that Hans Fallada was born in a family of means, his childhood was most definitely an idyllic one. At the age of 6 years old, due to his father’s continuous promotions, Hans Fallada transferred to Berlin. Yet, Hans had a difficult time adjusting to his new environment. Due to this, he immersed himself even more into books of his choice. Ten years after transferring to Berlin, Hans Fallada had an alarming accident where he was run over by a horse carriage. A few months after, he contracted typhoid fever, and this marked the change in Hans Fallada.

It has been said that writers draw their creativity from their own pain and experiences. In the case of Hans Fallada, this may well be true. After being deeply affected by the changes in his life, pain was still to come. During 1910, when Hans Fallada contracted typhoid, he somehow decided that this life was not for him. So, in boarding school, he was able to find a friend whose thoughts were along the same lines as Hans Fallada. In an attempt to disguise their suicides, both boys decided to on a duel. Unfortunately, like most duels, only one person falls down. This person was in the person of Hanns Dietrich, Hans Fallada’s friend and boarding schoolmate.

Hans Fallada went through a lot of tragedies and heartaches. After shooting his friend, he decided to take the gun into his own hands and extinguish his life. However, this plan did not go according to his plans. After surviving the shot he himself instigated, Hans Fallada was sent to trial. Yet again, he was able to avoid a bleak future. Unfortunately, the story does not end here. Because after Hans Fallada was declared innocent of all charges due to insanity, the mental institution he was sent to was just the beginning of a long string of failures, addiction, theft, political fears and fascism.

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Finance and debt issues for undiscovered writers

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Germany’s lost literary treasure

Germany was not a pleasant place to live in during the first half of the 20th century. With dictatorship ruling the majority, only those closely acquainted with the minority were placed in well-acceptable circumstances. Because of this nationwide undesirable political situation, a lot of literary writers have placed pen to paper in an attempt to educate, stimulate and move citizens to make a change. One of the said literary geniuses was Hans Fallada.

Hans Fallada, or Rudolf Wilhelm Friedrich Ditzen, was one of the contemporary war literary writers who first gained recognition during the first quarter of the 20th century. With his debut book ‘Der junge Goedeschal’, Hans Fallada became a known name amongst published authors. However his morphine addiction, stemmed from his previous accident, was worsening and the death of his brother did not make things any easy for him.

Nine years after publishing his first book, Hans Fallada got married to Suse Issel. During his marriage to Issel, Fallada was able to maintain a number of respectable journalism jobs without any inclination to return to his old proceedings. It was within this environment that Hans Fallada regained his passion for literary works. With the release of his novels Bauern, Bonzen und Bomben and Kleiner Mann- was nun?, Hans Fallada finally received the acclaim and promising future that he rightfully deserved.

Fallada’s novel, Peasants, Bosses and Bombs, was released in 1931 and it was the ultimate novel that earned him a rightful place amongst German literary writers like Thomas Mann. When the book ‘Little Man, What Now?’ came out, the novel still gained its popularity even if the threat of the Nazi government was hanging down low. Because of these anti-Nazi novels, Hans Fallada was able to gain a reputation of being fearless. Fearless of creating novels which spoke of such honesty and vividness that depicted fascism and the repression that Germany was grudgingly enduring at that time.

Hans Fallada is not like other writers who quickly fled the country when the Nazi government was at its peak. Instead, he stayed in Germany with his wife and faced the music. Whilst other literary writers may deem this action with contempt, Hans Fallada was a nationalist who loved and fought for his country in the way he best knew how. As Hans Fallada stated “I cannot write in any other country than my own”. And he did. With his other novels, The Drinker, Once we Had a Child and Wolf amongst Wolves, Hans Fallada kept fighting for Germany’s much-needed freedom.

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Next, don’t ever leave the scene of an accident, especially if there was significant damage done to property or injuries suffered by those involved in the incident, as your first duty is to make sure anyone with injuries is taken care of; have someone dial 999, or dial 112 yourself if you have your mobile with you, and stay on the phone until all the important details are given, and whatever you do, do not leave the scene of the accident. Not only is it an offence to flee the scene of an accident, with the prevalence of whiplash injury claims arising from motor accidents, you need to ensure you’re there when the authorities arrive so you can fill out a full report.

Always exchange details with anyone involved in the accident with you or any witnesses. This includes not just name, address, and phone number, but vehicle registrations as well – and if you have a smartphone or a mobile phone with a camera, make sure to take pictures of the surrounding environment and any damage done to vehicles.
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Being in a road traffic accident can be both frightening and confusing if you’re not prepared, but as long as you keep these important tips in mind, you’ll find yourself having a much smoother go of it in the event that you do end up involved in a car crash.

The top 7 weight loss laws you must obey

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Keep a food diary

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Exercise every day

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Treat yourself

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Avoid short-term thinking

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Lose weight with a friend

Sometimes weight loss can become incredibly lonely. It seems like everyone around you is eating what they want, which can end up leaving you frustrated.

For this reason, trying going on a diet with a friend, so you have somebody there who is going through the same experiences as you and can also offer you support when the going get’s tough.